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Business Terms and Definitions

Apia College defines 'us', 'we', 'our' as the company, and 'you' or 'your' as the client in any agreement

established between two parties, whether person or entities that request our services for language,

editing or consulting project services. In entering into any agreement with us you acknowledge that you

have understood our terms and shall have no right of remedy in respect of incorrect statements,

representation or assurances whether these are made negligently or unintentionally other than expressly

stated in the Business Terms set out.

Fees and Invoices Payable

Before services are provided, we will reach an agreement on the fees payable in advance. Should

unexpected problems arise we will provide timely communication with you and agreed adjustments to

time frames, and or fees. If in the case of delays caused by you or beyond our control due to unknown

factors before commencing the work, adjustment to fees will not be applicable. Our current rates are as

stated on our website unless alternative arrangements have been made. All sums payable under these

Business Terms are in Japanese Yen. Services rendered outside Japan, which if applicable, will

also incur local taxes. We reserve the right to exert control over documents for editing or projects until

outstanding balances, disbursements, or taxes are paid in full.

Your Responsibilities and Our Limited Liability

It is your responsibility to provide accurate and complete instructions in a timely manner for all relevant

projects. We cannot take responsibility for errors that arise from inaccurate information supplied by you. Instructions and advice will be submitted in writing by you and only used for designated projects they

were prepared for. No reliance can be placed on verbal instructions we may give or any draft documents,

until we confirm the instructions to you in writing. Unless otherwise noted in writing, we accept no

responsibility other than that due to you on the date our reports or advice is given. We will not take

responsibility for errors that fall outside the scope of your instructions. Advice provided by us is for the

sole purpose of a project to which it relates and for your benefit.

Business Terms

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