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English Language Learning

Apia College takes a holistic approach to language learning that embraces complete systems rather than individual elements. We also acknowledge that teachers and students need to work collaboratively for effective learning to take place. Our philosophy is to view language learning as a transdisciplinary system that embraces and accepts that:

students come from a variety of backgrounds with different learning needs

language enriches educational experiences as a resources for the future

teamwork plays an important role in our teaching methodology

contextual learning comes from applying new information to existing knowledge

multiculturalism reflects the beauty of differences both in the classroom and society

students require the necessary skills to interpret the world we live in

We believe that language represents the HUB of society where all of life's transactions take place. English language learning plays an important role as the foundation for sustainability as a linguistic tool for reading, writing and speaking across all disciplines. These holistic approaches enrich and enhance intellectual growth. Developing and using holistic tools helps with the acquisition of cognitive intelligence.

Through support of cognitive and cultural development, Apia College scaffolds learning to activate higher-order thinking, which helps to enhance language acquisition. We provide opportunities for students to take active roles in their own language education to facilitate greater understanding and learning of language skills. Together we can build a better place to learn and thrive, where ‘teachers are students and students are teachers’.

Language Philosophy

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